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05/11/21 at 09:19:01
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CFR7 Red Deer Forestry Airstrip (Read 6861 times)
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CFR7 Red Deer Forestry Airstrip
05/26/16 at 11:47:16
August 20/16 FR7 forestry airstrip rwy 24 cut, rwy 06 still good not cut, cows chased off airfield, north east fences repaired where they broke in, watch for wild horses on rwy.
Sept 13/16 FR7 forestry airstrip rwy 06 cut.  Wild horse stallions left their stud piles on rwy, cleared off and chased out horses. FN7 grass rwy in good shape.  Cows have knocked down fence posts and wire near storage bldg and NE corner of rwy.  Temp repairs made but we need to do permanent repairs to keep cows/horses out.  Need to contact grazing lease holder to keep cows out.
Nov 10/16  FR7 Approx 10 horses hanging around ouside the airstrip fence.   Anyone wanna help? We may have to abandon the airstrip if they move in. Smiley.  contact Myron 4036387370. Wayne 9413804627, Bryce 4036386524. 
May 11/17 FR7 Wayne mowed all the horse stud piles down on the rwy after the horses lived there all winter.  These stud piles are frozen in winter and are a safety hazard!!! Myron fixed fences bad shape from horses all around airfield.  Still need a about 2 dozen new posts, and some fencing at west end at washout.  RWY good shape at this time.  Watch for horses.  Their stud piles are dangerous hazards especially when frozen....
June 17/17 had time to mow rwy 06, couple of passes on rwy 24 which is getting longer need to get back up and finish.  Put up some fencing at west end to try to keep horses and cows out, needs more though.  June 24/17 cut rwy 24.
August 15/17 runway grass cut.
June 2018 Stud piles removed from rwy.  Fencing needs fixing, and was also cut.  Wayne pounded in dozens of new posts. Caution:: There is a new fence along the west end of rwy 06 now, watch for it on final. Markers on posts.
July 8, 2018  Runway has been cut, thanks to all.  Some fencing repairs done, more to do.   Signs posted thanks Wayne Bicknell et al.
Sept 24/18 Runway in great shape. New fencing wire put up at south/west end to try to keep horses out, more can still be done.  No evidence of horses or cows on airstrip, hope fencing holds up and is not cut by vandals again.
Jan /19 upgrades to fencing on south side.  no snow  
Mar 10?/19 Bruno said lots of snow on rwy
July 1/19 Rwy mowed
July 23/19 Rwy mowed
Aug 8/19 Renewal sent in to Alberta EDS system to apply for renewal of out lease at RDF
Sept 3/19 Rwy mowed, apron mowed, gate fixed, thanks to Wayne Bicknell et al.
Oct Cows chased from rwy.  Left some pies on rwy.  Several bundles of posts and wire brought up for next year to fix fences again.
Nov 22/19 Wild horses studs seen on airstrip.  Caution landing not advised again due to horse crap on rwy!
Jan 2020 New contact for airstrip 4036361488  See facebook: sundre flying club/copa flight146 for more info
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