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MAR Meeting Minutes (Read 2309 times)
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MAR Meeting Minutes
04/21/08 at 00:03:57
Sundre Flying Club
Meeting Minutes
March 12, 2008
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PRESENT:      Jim C., Colin M., Myron B. Alf B., Bryce S., Wayne B., Andy V. and Sheldon V.
•      Meeting called to order at 20:36
•      Previous minutes read; adopted minutes as read
Treasury Report:
o      Assets:            Chequeing account:      $7,307.13
GPS Account:            $12,040.11
o      Fixed Assets:      Digital Altimeter:      $5,000
Fuel Tank:            $20,000
TOTAL:            $44,347.23
•      Accepted the balance sheet as of February 29, 2008.
•      No new information.
Forestry Strip
•      Reported in good condition; control of gophers is required.
•      Motion made by Myron to give Colin permission to inquire and if possible to install electric power to the forestry strip for personal use, providing no expense and/or liability incurred by the Sundre Flying Club.  Seconded by Bryce; all in favor.
•      Out of Avgas
•      980 gallons of Mogas remaining
•      Koch Fuel to deliver 10,000 litres on Friday, April 14th
•      Motion made by Sheldon for Avgas price at $1.30/litre for members and $1.40/litre for non-members: Mogas at $1.20/litre for members and $1.30 for non-members.
•      Motion made by Jim to invoice Dave Chuckwa for 5,000 litres at $1.25/litre; seconded by Wayne, all in favor.
Real Property Reports
•      Real Property Reports to be completed by County within 1 ˝ months (mid May).
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•      County to repair/replace taxiway.
Outstanding Bills
•      Motion made by Jim to give Sheldon permission to pay $12,500 to Koch for 10,000 litres of fuel at $1.17/litre (delivery & GST included).  Seconded by Wayne, all in favor.
•      Motion made by Sheldon to pay all outstanding bills for $909.43, seconded by Jim, all in favor.
Fly-in Breakfast
•      The Flying Club regrets to inform all mothers that the annual breakfast will once again be held on Mother’s Day – May 11, 2008.
•      Wayne to phone COPA magazine for Mother’s Day Fly-in Breakfast advertisement.
•      All prices will remain the same as previous year ($8.00/adult and $4.00/kids).
Next Meeting
April 9, 2008 at 20:00.
Meeting Adjourned
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