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05/11/21 at 07:59:25
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Jan Minutes (Read 2250 times)
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Jan Minutes
01/20/08 at 01:58:31
Sundre Flying Club
Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2008
PRESENT:      Jim C., Wayne B., Colin M., Sheldon V., Myron B., Alf B., Michelle P. and Andy V.
     Meeting called to order at 20:35.
     Previous minutes read by Jim.
o      Correction to December 12th minutes:  Outstanding bills of $93.08 for cost and labour for Andy should read for fuel costs only.
o      Additional information added to the motion made by Wayne to join the Chambre of Commerce:  ATB Financial account of a cost of approximately $30.00 additional.  Fee charge for the card payment process machine would be 1.75%
o      Previous minutes adopted and accepted, all in favour.
Treasury Report:
o      Assets:            Chequeing account:      $4,409.57
GPS Account:            $11,934.75
o      Fixed Assets:      Digital Altimeter:      $5,000
Fuel Tank:            $20,000
TOTAL:            $41,344.32
     Accounts reviewed by members, all in order.
     No new information.
Fuel Pumps
     Costs to date:            Pumps:            $500
Misc. Parts:            $403.52
                       Big Horn Electric:      $132.24
                       Fuel Filter:            $270.19
                       Swivel:            $40.00
                       Concrete upgrade:      $500.00
                       TOTAL:            $1,845.95
     Additional costs anticipated (approximate)::
Hose and fittings:      $750.00
                       Ground reel:            $200.00
                       Light maintenance:      $100.00
                       TOTAL:            $2,895.95
Minutes of January 9, 2008
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     Advertisement is in the COPA magazine.
     Need to get mogas side of pump working.
Forestry Strip
     Reported to be in good condition.
     Motion made by Myron to purchase $5,000 worth of avgas, seconded by Jim, all in favour.  Colin volunteered to order fuel.
     Costs for mogas will be $1.20/litre for members and $1.30/litre to non-members.
     Myron to check with Dave C. for pre-paying for fuel.
     2008 Flying Club memberships are due.  Payments to be made to Treasurer.
Meeting adjourned at 22:25
Next Meeting
     Wednesday, February 13, 2008 at 19:30 hours at the Sundre Airport.
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