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05/11/21 at 09:19:37
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September Minutes (Read 1877 times)
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September Minutes
11/18/07 at 22:34:03
Sundre Flying Club
Meeting Minutes
September 12, 2007
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PRESENT:      Sheldon V., Alf B., Jim C., Michelle P., Wayne B., Colin M., Shane W., Neil E. Myron B. and John D.
     Meeting called to order at 20:00.
     Previous minutes reviewed and accepted.
     Treasury Report dated September 12, 2007 confirmed:
o      balance of $8,270.51
o      GPS account  $11,819.71
o      Fuel report: approximately 3,200 litres remaining in the tank
GPS Fund:
     The GPS to be published and ready for use on October 25, 2007.
     Motion made by Michelle to pay Alf for the digital altimeter repair ($159).  Seconded by Shane.
     Wayne motioned to buy approximately $5,000 of fuel for next month.  Seconded by Michelle.
     Motion made by Michelle to purchase a 100 gallon slip tank for diesel fuel for mowers.
     Motion made by James to pay Colin for fuel used in mower ($88.35).  Seconded by Michelle.
Airport Maintenance
     Work to proceed for airport sidewalk repair to be funded by county (invoice county).
     Concrete pad to be poured.
     Metal plate for light to be installed.
     Stand to be erected for the fuel pad.
Next Meeting:  October 10, 2007
Meeting Adjourned:  19:00
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