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04/11/21 at 11:04:31
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Jetfuel Project Update ready for use! (Read 3097 times)
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Jetfuel Project Update ready for use!
01/08/19 at 17:20:02
May /18 permits obtained
June /18 electrical trenching complete
July 8/18 concrete poured and dispenser placed
August 15/18 dispenser meter installed
Sept /18 dispenser flow computer installed
October 31/18 electrical underground complete, tank pad complete
November 15/18 tank ordered
Dec /18 electrical rough in complete
Jan 7/19 above ground electrical complete
Jan 23/19 Tank has arrived and placed in position
Feb 3/19 Engineer drawing completed and tank drawings submitted to PTMA application for registration.
Feb 14/19 Dispenser Piping 95%, Dispenser electrical 95%, flow meter 85%.  
Mar 1/19 Dispenser piping 100% Dispenser electrical 100% Flow meter 90%
Mar14/19 delay with PTMA application never received info.  Fees paid and now awaiting inspection.  Following necessary upgrades per PTMA we can order some fuel.
May 21/19 PTMA approval enroute and fuel order placed to get system commissioned.  
May 22 Fuel delivered with FSII.  Micon electronics installed ready to program.
May 29 Pump primed and circulated back to tank.  
June 6 Meter electronics programmed and working.
June 10 pump issue of loosing suction and picking up should be rectified by next week.
June 20 AGI came inspected our pump and tried to remedy, new pump needed.!$%#
July 11 AGI replaced pump and working good now.
July 15 Weights and measures completed and we are ready to go.  
Jet A cabinet is now connected to Fuelpoint POS and ready for customer Credit Cards!  Select Position #3 for Jet A.
Aug Emailed Navcanada to put into CFS Jet A available.
Oct 10 UPdates to CFS did not get published this round.  Next time 56 days from now we should be in.
Oct 9/19 System is up and available!.
***NOTE: Please CALL AHEAD to confirm inventory availability due to our small tank if you plan on working out of the Sundre Airport and needing lots of volume, so we can plan ahead.  Jet A contains FSII.  TKS SFC 4036387370
A big thanks to Bruce Beer from Fuelpoint for all his support even though he wanted automated dipping.  
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