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01/22/19 at 06:37:39
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1  General Category / General Board / Meeting minutes Jan 10
 on: 01/12/19 at 15:43:55 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Attendees:  Bruce B, Greg, Shane, Dave, Myron, Heather, Paul.  
Hi Wayne and Michelle.
The fuel tank is ready and we will have to pick it up.  Bruce B checking on trucking.  Greg said Codey can help with offloading.
A letter from Alberta Parks received for us to renew our lease for Red Deer Forestry.  Myron investigating for Wayne.
Bruno gave report on Copa for kids requirements and update on Facebook site photos of town of Sundre.  See our facebook at Sundreflyingclub/Copaflight146.
SFC PT cruiser airport car needs a new head gasket and other things of someone wants to work on getting it going? Volunteers?
Load of avgas received and pricing adjusted 1.61 credit card.
Rotating beacon one light out.  Contacted electrician.
Feb 4 Dave and Myron will be going to council to hear the consultants report on airport.
RWY extensions obsticle removal to be worked on this summer for 06 and 33
Tie down cables damaged to be repaired this spring for the visitors from Copa convention should they decide to visit Sundre.
COPA CONVENTION:  Shane from Innisfail requesting help with the Copa convention at Innisfail.  If you want to help or you have ideas for the convention email ROBJAAP@telus.net.  They meet 3rd Thursday of month at Innisfail airport, 7pm.  Some ideas are golfing in Sundre, flying to CFR7, etc.
Annual memberships are due $25.00.  You can etransfer to our email:  Sundreflyingclub@gmail.com or mail cheque to SFC Box 1241, Sundre, AB T0M1X0
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2  General Category / General Board / Jetfuel Project update
 on: 01/08/19 at 17:20:02 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
May /18 permits obtained
June /18 electrical trenching complete
July 8/18 concrete poured and dispenser placed
August 15/18 dispenser meter installed
Sept /18 dispenser flow computer installed
October 31/18 electrical underground complete, tank pad complete
November 15/18 tank ordered
Dec /18 electrical rough in complete
Jan 7/18 above ground electrical complete
Tank expected mid January
estimated completion spring 2019
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3  General Category / General Board / Meeting minutes November 8/18
 on: 11/08/18 at 23:34:39 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Attendees:  Paul, Hunter, Greg, Heather, Joanne, Bruno, Roy, Bruce, Dave, Myron
06-24 RWY had 6 loads of topsoil smoothed out on the bare areas and grass seeded.  
Reviewed airport budget items and work items to complete with action items given to participants.  Airport fence is down on RR55 needs to be put back up by contractor.  
Reviewed current tank quotes and motion by Paul to purchase jet tank offering that it can be delivered at quoted price.  Seconded by Dave. Carried.  Bruce to contact supplier.  Electrical has been roughed in by Bighorn and trenches have been buried.
Next meeting we are planning a Christmas meeting likely a potluck.
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4  General Category / General Board / Meeting minutes October 11/18
 on: 10/12/18 at 07:22:06 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Bruce B, Bruce G, Bruno, Grant, Dave, Heather, Wayne, Myron, Tom
Motion for Bruno to be the new captain for our Copa flight.  Carried.
Motion for charge of 10$ per day for itinerant aircraft that plug in.  Carried
Reviewed tank quotes.  Financial report.  
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5  General Category / General Board / Meeting minutes Sept 13/18
 on: 09/14/18 at 16:13:41 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Attendees:  Wayne, Heather, Bruce, Bruce B, Dave, Sheldon, Paul, Myron, new members Rene & Kelly, Bruno & Joanne
Old business:  Discussed helping out Innisfail with convention next year by flying to and having a golfing day in Sundre.  Bruce
New business:  Signed up new members with fuel cards.  Discussion around new Jet system and tank options.  Moved to buy a new tank by Myron, seconded by Dave, Paul, Wayne.  Bruce to check with his supplier at Envirotank.   The meter is installed and dispensor pressure tested.  Bruce says a new option to view your own account online on the Fuelpoint system is coming and use card at other locations.   Tax bill from Clearwater received for FR7 and paid, now significantly less following discussions with their tax dept.
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6  General Category / General Board / Meeting minutes August 9/18
 on: 08/10/18 at 16:37:19 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Attendees: Dale and Garrett, Bruce, Wayne, Paul, Myron
Dale from Eckville came and joined the club and bought a fuel card.  Garrett came up from Calgary.  Interested in renting hangar space.
Jet Fuel system update:  The concrete was poured with two barriers imbeded.  The dispensor was made ready as much as possible and placed in position.  Most of the trenching is done and we will be getting an electrical quote soon for the wiring.   We  have a couple of tank quotes.
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7  General Category / General Board / Meeting minutes July 12/18
 on: 07/13/18 at 09:14:20 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Attendees:  Myron, Heather, Bruce B., Bruce G., Dave.  IFC: Bob McCully, Shane Cochriell, Bruce Heaton, Rob Jaap.
Innisfail Flying Club (IFC)  4 members joined us and we discussed options they have for the COPA Convention they are planning for next year.  Suggested Sundre as a destination for possibly a breakfast during the convention and asked for volunteers for the event. Also possibly a mountain ground school and trip up to the forestry strip.  They offered support to our annual needs of maintaining the Red Deer Forestry airstrip (CFR7) and asked to be included in any workdays or events such as BBQ's, Flyins, etc.  Contacts for the IFC event next year are Bob McCully 403 302 0943 (Pres., food), Shane Cochriell, Bruce Heaton, and Rob Jaap (logistics).  See the IFC website for more info.
Reviewed needs for the Jet fuel system.  Myron to get costs for upgrading our existing cabinet, and bring to meeting for approval.  Will be some ground work to do this summer.
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8  General Category / General Board / Meeting minutes June 14, 2018
 on: 06/15/18 at 12:57:41 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Draft Only update TBD
Attendees:  Wayne, Michelle, Bruce B, Heather, Roy, Myron
Flyin Breakfast was well attended by locals, pilots, airplanes and classic cars.  Everyone said it went well also.
Heather asked Bruce if we can have access to our data on the Fuelpoint system?  Hes working on it.  Also he has it allmost ready for courtesy car sign out, and use of cards at other locations.
Forestry needs some fence work.  Someone cut fences and several posts are broken.  Arranging to rent a post pounder then we will get together and go out for the day.  Wayne B. is the contact for this job.  Grass will need cutting also.
Myron paid for the County development permit to start work on the Jet A system.  About a 20day wait for approval.  WE have grant funds to use up by end of the year.  So we should get the ground work, electrical, and cabinet ready this summer.  Then when we have funds purchase a tank.  It will enable increased useage of the airport and help to increase revenues.
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9  General Category / General Board / Meeting minutes May 10, 2018
 on: 06/15/18 at 12:45:35 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
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10  General Category / General Board / Meeting minutes March 8, 18
 on: 03/10/18 at 12:33:47 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Heather, Bruce B, Myron, Tom, Roy, Bruce G on phone
New mwmber Roy Riddle from Carstaris area, buying Rick's hangar.
Discussed plate cost for flyin, decided on 8$, volunteers needed.
The red PT Cruiser needs work but we can use it as an airport car.  Need to get a mechanic to look at it, head gasket, etc
Toilets are froze up, Myron getting Cap pressure to thaw septic tank and line.
Help needed for fuel system, Scott says he can help some, Myron to train him.  
Don Metz has volunteered to help out with our website.  
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