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02/25/18 at 01:18:35
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1  General Category / General Board / Meeting minutes Jan 11/18
 on: 01/11/18 at 22:32:42 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Attendees:  Tom, Myron, Dave, Bruce G
Discussion on getting our Helifuel skids up to par for sales of Jet fuel in future.  In order to meet W/M we need to replace the meter with an approved meter, then add on an certified for trade flow computer (Micon) to talk to the Fuel master pos system.  A proper tank with pump can be sourced over the winter and looked into when we have funds to purchase later.  Assorted items like concrete pad, wiring and piping to finish off the system in the summer.   To start we can/want to have the metering/flow computer dealt with which can be against our grant funds.  Then a development permit to the County, for ground work and installation of the tank base can be applied for by spring, with ground work in summer.  A motion was made by Dave to purchase a replacement meter either new (quoted from Spartan Controls) or refurbished if available that is a straight drop in replacement turbine meter to avoid piping modifications.   Carried unanimous.  Myron to investigate further.
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2  General Category / General Board / Christmas Pot Luck next meeting
 on: 11/12/17 at 09:12:36 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Bring your favorite dish to the pot luck Christmas meeting Dec 14.
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3  General Category / General Board / NEW 24HR Fuel Payment System in service!
 on: 10/28/17 at 20:25:52 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Yeahhh!! no more manual system.  The NEW FuelPoint 24hrs payment system is in service.  Get your member card and pay at the pumps.  No member card, no worries go inside terminal and use your credit card.  Want a receipt, get it inside the terminal.  After hours, no worries use your member card or credit card.  
Catch up with Myron at the airport and get your new SFC member card!
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4  General Category / General Board / NEW!! Fuel System Payment Terminal
 on: 10/10/17 at 23:31:56 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Fuelpoint POS system has been connected up to pumps on a demonstration basis for about a month.  We received a letter that we will be receiving our grant from the Community Enhancement Program.  Motion by Dave, seconded by Myron to move forward with purchase of Fuelpoint POS system. Carried via Directors.  For next short while we are still using the old manual system until system turned on and members receive their new SFC fuel card.  Members will use their new card to manage their fuel account.  Visitors will be able to use their credit card or choose to join the club and get card and the member price.   Members will be able to pay at the pump.  Visitors will pay inside terminal bldg.  We will be generating a form to sign with the SFC terms and conditions of use of the new membership/fuel card.  We will now have a modern fuel system that we can advertise to GA pilots to come to Sundre for their fuel and have the convenience of an easy payment system.  More Details to follow.... Cheesy Cheesy Grin
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5  General Category / General Board / MVC Newell Land Development meeting
 on: 09/02/17 at 15:56:01 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Hangar owners and directors of the SFC.
Meet at the terminal on Thursday Sept 7 at 6pm to review the package from the County on the Newell land proposed gravel development for input to the process.
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6  General Category / General Board / Red Deer Forestry work day
 on: 09/02/17 at 15:53:12 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Sept 16 we plan on going out to pound in some fence posts, repair fencing, and any other needs doing stuff.  Maybe have a nice bbq.  Weather dependent.  Cancelled try again next year.
Contact Myron 4036387370 or Paul 4036381452
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7  General Category / General Board / Airport thefts and vandalism
 on: 07/23/17 at 12:47:02 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
2017 April 5 Mysterious missing items in terminal bldg, and damage to flying club's computor as apparently someone needed parts from our old pc, it was gutted.  Our fuel pump nozzle was found damaged and unlocked.  Incidents reported to RCMP.
April 25 install security system.
May 21 Arcal shack door found wide open, installed combo lock to keep door closed as it does not fit well.
July 1 we had a call from RCMP about a theft that had occurred in the terminal bldg where our security system was forcibly removed and stolen, along with other things.
July 23 noticed our box of short standpipes for repair of the runway lights stored in the back room were missing, so the repairs could not be made to lights as planned this day.
Locks will be changed on the two rooms in the terminal bldg as of July 24/17
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8  General Category / General Board / Fuel system upgrades
 on: 06/24/17 at 11:40:04 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
June 22/17 new refurbished micon 500 meters installed.  Price shown on pump now.  Use the enroute frequency.
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9  General Category / General Board / April 14 FC Meeting
 on: 04/17/17 at 12:45:31 
Started by cahkal | Post by cahkal
Attendees:  Myron, Dave, Bryce, Wayne, Tom, Bruce G., Bruce B.,Heather
Security: Discuss adding gates and locks, cameras and on site surveillance
Fuel System: Myron re applied for Government Grant to upgrade system.  Bruce B discussed some options and will provide a quote. Tom to check on N.Battleford system and Myron will request some other quotes.
Springbank:  Dave and Myron reported on the flight school wanting to use area south of the airport for a practise area. Concerns that this will interfere with the GPS Waypoint. They had a tele-con with Transport Canada regarding this issue and are requesting member support to help oppose the proposal.  They will let us know when the next meeting is.
Forestry Airstrip:  Bryce repair fences and installed locks on the gates.  There are some major concerns with the wild horses and lease owners cattle breaking down fencing and damage to runway.  Myron put in a notam.
Gravel Pits:  Have requested to lower the piles, pending County review will move forward.
County:  Working on a drainage survey of the airport.
New Business:   Discussed Mothers Day Flyin Breakfast on May 14 and assigned responsibilities.  Bruce G with look at getting the antique cars again this year.
Next Meeting: May 11, 2017 @7:00
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10  General Category / General Board / Security Cameras up.
 on: 04/12/17 at 18:06:32 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
April 4/17 after entering the terminal bldg noticed the computor was unplugged.  Upon further investigation found that the computor had been gutted inside.  Reported to RCMP.  Also the south gas pump nozzle was broken leaving the pump unlocked, and potentially as theft of fuel.  Installed a chain on this nozzle until a replacement can be put on.  Changed the combo on the pumps locks.  After meeting with County officials on April 13, it was recommended we install a surveillance system.  System was installed on April 25.
April 10 while trying to ge into our web site to put a note in about the above issues, noticed our website was down.  Contacted Jim at Dcomputors and he reset it, apparently our domain name had expired.
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