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10/16/19 at 12:12:43
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1  General Category / General Board / Meeting Minutes Oct 10th
 on: 10/10/19 at 21:31:27 
Started by Hunter | Post by Hunter
Attendees: Myron Bigenold, Bob, Heather Dolan, Hunter Smith, Paul Smith, Glen Bruno, Rene, Bruce Beer, Dave Chopski, Sheldon, Wayne, Tom Mennier, Mike Kennedy
- NOTAM changes
- Historical Information of Sundre Airport
- Discussion for a new Boiler
Suggested Services: Brisbois Plumbing and Heating, Warren Brisbois (403) 636-0621
                       4 Sons Heating & Plumbing, John Hoorbay (403) 636-0869
- Courtesy Car, suggestion that users only get car if you swipe debit/credit card (in order to get information), insurance needed to use car (~$3,000) suggest county pays for insurance as expense
Motion to put cost of insurance for courtesy car in budget to county. Motion put forward by Paul Smith. Seconded by Rene. Carried.
Motion for Bruce Beer to acquire fuel quality training for airport. Put forth by Paul Smith. Seconded by Glen Bruno. Carried.
Adjourned  20:38
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2  General Category / General Board / Meeting Minutes Sept 12th
 on: 09/12/19 at 21:34:14 
Started by Hunter | Post by Hunter
Myron, Bob, Heather, Hunter, Paul, Glen, Rene, Bruce, Dave. Sheldon.  
Motion- Glen. Pocket gofer issue in grass. Purchase of traps approved to deal with issue
County Review- Bruce - Confirm the 2020 contract for the Sundre flying club to continue renewal. As per the Mountainview county sundre airport development plan.
Club Update- Grass runway markers placed, Hwy Signs place north south of west end no stopping.  
Jet pro reviewed Glide slope - non insterment air space test station.
15/35 runway extention on each end going to be removed. To be published.  
Myron to remind Chris with MTn County  of the need for compaction test results. post emg study.
Dave C makes a motion to add funding in the 2020 budget. Carried Glen
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3  General Category / General Board / Meeting Minutes Aug 08/19
 on: 08/08/19 at 22:02:48 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Attendees:  Dave, Rene, Bruno, Myron, Wayne, Bruce, Tom, Sheldon
Airport:  crack filing done RWY 15/33 , fencing RWY 06, new cones on 06/24
Motion to allow Dave to buy a 30hp Kubota used tractor with attachments, for 28k$.  Carried
Fall gala gambling to be investigated Rene.
Motion to put member fees to 50$ for fuel, 25$ for general, 50$per card.  Carried
CAFUG:  Bruce gave a presentation on the online fuel user group.  Individuals can sign up if you want.
RDF renewal sent in to ADS system
Courtesy car ins Sheldon will check with his and Myron with Air1
Innisfail welcome to have meeting here, donuts and coffee
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4  General Category / General Board / July 11th 2019 SFC Minutes
 on: 07/11/19 at 21:09:27 
Started by Hunter | Post by Hunter
Attendance: Myron Bignold, Paul Smith, Hunter Smith, Dave Charpko, Thomas Tomas, Wayne Bumphry, Bruce Beer, Glen Bruno,  
- Review jet fuel barrels on ground by Privet halo operator.  
- New Jet A system pump replaced and in operation, Weights and Measures to completed Week of July 17th.
- New Washing Station hose replacement required.
- Foreflight being notified that Jet fuel system being commissioned
- Follow up with Nav Canada to the Extension approval of Runway 33/15  
- County of Mountainview  to supply runway compaction for Flight supplement  
- Follow up to the insurance and registration of the SFC courtesy Car. Check need of vehicle inspection.
- Regina Cutforth to get a battery for the SFC courtesy car.
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5  General Category / General Board / SFC June 13th Meeting Minutes
 on: 06/13/19 at 22:45:28 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Meeting Start 19:00hrs
Attendees: Tom Mennier, Myron Bigenold, Hunter Smith, Grant Bird, Paul Smith, Glen Bruno. Heather Dolan, Dave Chopski. Bruce Beer, Bruce Goodwin.
County of mountain view reps  discussed the Sundre Airport Development Plan Priority's
- SFC to Develope Operations Manual and Training for Volinteers.
- County will maange signage for Runway 55  Signage.
- SFC to have proceedures for Fuel system and Managed
- County hasa aproved funds for a tractor for grass and snow removal
Flying Club Buisness  
- Reconsile accounts and invoices
- Mothersday Fly in Breakfast had 445 guests eat and 200 more visitors
- reviewed the Olds Air cadet Squadron to have cadets next Fly in Breakfast
- Flying club to have more individuals trained on the Fuel system when system is down.
- Hunter Smith is available for fuel and Grass Maintanence  
- Discussed next budget with Liability in the club having Compensation  
Ajorned 21:45  
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6  General Category / General Board / Meeting Minutes Apr 11/19
 on: 04/11/19 at 21:18:18 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Attendees:  Bruce Beer, Bruce Beattie, Dave, Adrian, Myron, Wayne, Bruce G, Tom, Bruno, Greg
General discussion around airport study.  Need new lots available for sale as there are non left.  Word was that following the drainage study there would be new lots available.  BB to check into.  County will be requesting our bylaws and incorporation status.
Some paving will commence at the airport in conjunction with the RR 55 project.  Dave to discuss with Ron and Ryan.  Drainage culvert for the low areas proposed to install.  
Motion by Dave for the investigation into purchase of a newer kubota tractor with cab for airport with sweeper.  Seconded by Bruno.  Carried  Bruno suggested we add a low cost radio.  
Talk to Jane Fulton regarding lease holders prior to brush cutting at runway ends.  Cones installed at each end of 06/24 per consultants report.
Jetpro asked to update our published runway length as built with the extensions.  This will clarify for pilots actual length for use for landing and takeoff eg. for lear jet at Sundre Forest Products.
Tom to approach town regarding a car for transportation for pilots to town to make available transport to restaurants and hotels.  A walking trail to town would help to get to town.
Mother's Day Flyin is on again this year May 12.  Tom and Bruce organizing.  Be there for breakfast!!!!!
Sandra from the Rodeo Association asked for a flight to auction at their silent auction.  Tom will talk to her.
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7  General Category / General Board / Meeting minutes Mar 14/19
 on: 03/19/19 at 16:53:03 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Attendees:  Myron, Bruce Beer, Dave, Heather, Roy, Bruce Beattie, Grant, Bruno
Discussion around airport consultants report.   Different from the report, most prefer to own rather than lease.  Felt certain fees will only chase away traffic, and who is going to be here to collect?  Campground and water strip good ideas.  Need more lots available to develop.. Asked if we can get taxiways paved during RR55 project., best time when  equip is here.
Bruce B talked about his plans to get clubs working together.
Talk of extending RR 06/24 east this summer, Bruno and Dave working on.
Issue of loose dogs running around off leash being a hazard and is unauthorized on active air side surfaces.
Report to CIP fuel system grant funding is due Mar 19 and Myron to send in.  Done.
Jet fuel system is almost ready waiting on PTMAA to audit and issue registration and/or deficiencies .  
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8  General Category / General Board / Meeting minutes Feb 14/19
 on: 02/15/19 at 14:33:17 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Attendees:  Myron, Bruce B, Heather, Greg, Bruno, Paul
Review of costs and volunteer efforts and donations to be reported for the grant from CEP by mid March on the Fuel system.  The system is close to complete including the Jet Fuel system which should be ready by spring.
Myron gave info on recommendations given by Explorer Solutions Consulting regarding the  Sundre Airport report at County meeting Feb 6.  Many revenue generating ideas presented that MVC will have to discuss with the flying club and recommend for followup.
Bruno gave update on IFC Copa Convention help needed and weather we want to do some sort of flyout prior to or after the convention with ODFA?  Lots of help is required so if you want to help out the Innisfail Flying club contact them directly (see meeting minutes Oct 2018), cleanup, setup etc.  
Bruce discussed the possible setup of an airport user group to help with flying clubs' common fueling issues, and ways to get the best use of our collective power.  More in future.
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9  General Category / General Board / Meeting minutes Jan 10/19
 on: 01/12/19 at 15:43:55 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
Attendees:  Bruce B, Greg, Shane, Dave, Myron, Heather, Paul.  
Hi Wayne and Michelle.
The fuel tank is ready and we will have to pick it up.  Bruce B checking on trucking.  Greg said Codey can help with offloading.
A letter from Alberta Parks received for us to renew our lease for Red Deer Forestry.  Myron investigating for Wayne.
Bruno gave report on Copa for kids requirements and update on Facebook site photos of town of Sundre.  See our facebook at Sundreflyingclub/Copaflight146.
SFC PT cruiser airport car needs a new head gasket and other things of someone wants to work on getting it going? Volunteers?
Load of avgas received and pricing adjusted 1.61 credit card.
Rotating beacon one light out.  Contacted electrician.
Feb 4 Dave and Myron will be going to council to hear the consultants report on airport.
RWY extensions obsticle removal to be worked on this summer for 06 and 33
Tie down cables damaged to be repaired this spring for the visitors from Copa convention should they decide to visit Sundre.
COPA CONVENTION:  Shane from Innisfail requesting help with the Copa convention at Innisfail.  If you want to help or you have ideas for the convention email ROBJAAP@telus.net.  They meet 3rd Thursday of month at Innisfail airport, 7pm.  Some ideas are golfing in Sundre, flying to CFR7, etc.
Annual memberships are due $25.00.  You can etransfer to our email:  Sundreflyingclub@gmail.com or mail cheque to SFC Box 1241, Sundre, AB T0M1X0
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10  General Category / General Board / Jetfuel Project Update ready for use!
 on: 01/08/19 at 17:20:02 
Started by flyhigh | Post by flyhigh
May /18 permits obtained
June /18 electrical trenching complete
July 8/18 concrete poured and dispenser placed
August 15/18 dispenser meter installed
Sept /18 dispenser flow computer installed
October 31/18 electrical underground complete, tank pad complete
November 15/18 tank ordered
Dec /18 electrical rough in complete
Jan 7/19 above ground electrical complete
Jan 23/19 Tank has arrived and placed in position
Feb 3/19 Engineer drawing completed and tank drawings submitted to PTMA application for registration.
Feb 14/19 Dispenser Piping 95%, Dispenser electrical 95%, flow meter 85%.  
Mar 1/19 Dispenser piping 100% Dispenser electrical 100% Flow meter 90%
Mar14/19 delay with PTMA application never received info.  Fees paid and now awaiting inspection.  Following necessary upgrades per PTMA we can order some fuel.
May 21/19 PTMA approval enroute and fuel order placed to get system commissioned.  
May 22 Fuel delivered with FSII.  Micon electronics installed ready to program.
May 29 Pump primed and circulated back to tank.  
June 6 Meter electronics programmed and working.
June 10 pump issue of loosing suction and picking up should be rectified by next week.
June 20 AGI came inspected our pump and tried to remedy, new pump needed.!$%#
July 11 AGI replaced pump and working good now.
July 15 Weights and measures completed and we are ready to go.  
Jet A cabinet is now connected to Fuelpoint POS and ready for customer Credit Cards!  Select Position #3 for Jet A.
Aug Emailed Navcanada to put into CFS Jet A available.
Oct 10 UPdates to CFS did not get published this round.  Next time 56 days from now we should be in.
***NOTE: Please CALL AHEAD to confirm inventory availability due to our small tank if you plan on working at airport and needing lots of volume, so we can plan ahead.  Jet A contains FSII.  TKS SFC 4036387370
A big thanks to Bruce Beer from Fuelpoint for all his support even though he wanted automated dipping.  
NOTE:  Sept 10/19  If the Jet A system is out of service we cannot currently NOTAM until it is actually in CFS per Navcanada. Info has been submitted to CFS but did not make it in Oct 10.   Hopefully 56 days it will get in.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  We will call everyone that we know has used it and note it here.  
Oct 9/19 System is up and available!.
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